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What I Do

Basically, I smell things. And I drink a lot of coffee. Once I was watching a fragrance review on YouTube  with a cup in my hand as usual. In front of me there was a blotter with a perfume, Valentino Born In Roma. The wafts I was getting from the fragrance were mixing with the smell of coffee, and suddenly I got this idea. I love perfume, and I love coffee - together they make the perfect experience! This is how Café Parfum was born. This is a place for all perfume lovers to come together, review, comment, relax and have fun.


A Few Words About

My Experience

It all started in 2014 when I decided to go and find mu signature scent.

The more I searched, the more I realised for me there would be no such thing. The world of perfumery was too rich and I was too fickle.

Instead, I kept smelling and smelling.

On August the 30th, 2017, I wrote my first blog post on what was then called Thepoweroffragrance.com, and my first review was about... Black Opium. 

Ever since I've come a long way, but one thing is certain: perfume has opened a whole new world to me. Whether I want to relax, revive, or reminisce, I do it with perfume. It has accompanied some of my best moments, and helped me envision the future. 

Perfume is magic. 

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